The Smart LEV Solution

LSC offers smart LEV solutions for in-depth software/hardware/cloud integration to maximize system functions. The following lists a wide range of available products and services:
ElectriCore™ 智慧電能化解決方案 ElectriCore™ 智慧電能化解決方案
  • Total Solution Assessment and Planning

    LSC provides professional customization services from components selection, power system designing, software/firmware development to product validation and testing. With extensive experience and expertise in R&D and design, we provide optimization services that fulfill client's demands.
    Based on client-defined markets, target groups, performance requirements and specific key component features, LSC assesses and design optimum specifications and cost packages from various combinations.
  • Module Customization Service

    Our products are designed based on advanced simulation methodologies. Throughout the design process, vehicle component assessment is performed on varying road conditions, resulting in an expedited development period and reduced manufacturing expenditure.
    Based on component specification, road information and driving requirement, our simulation model provides the framework for product performance simulation. Comprehensive monitoring of the ensuing results for each parameter serves as the reference for module customization which further shortens time-to-market.
  • System Integration and Adaptation

    LSC is dedicated toward the development of smart light electric vehicle ecosystem through long-term partnerships. Based on in-depth integration of ElectriCore™ and the products of our suppliers, we devise products with full consideration to market needs.
  • Smart Manufacturing and Quality Control

    Based on the features of product and a production process, LSC have designed smart manufacturing processes with the highest flexibility. Combining automated equipment development and integrated smart dashboards for collecting and analyzing the production data, we help customers reduce costs from error, increase quality of product and optimize production costs.
  • Real-time IoV Connectivity System

    We analyze the after-sales status and user behavior of a product to improve user experience and enhance the applicability of products and services.
    The LSC IoV system includes a functional tool that allows rapid and remote deployment of vehicular updates, as well as creating digital identities for users and products through data analytics. Clients can obtain the in-depth business analytics to continuously optimize product design to increase profitability.
    Our cloud-based platform enables us to offer in-depth integrated products and services for business applications and assist integrators to assess initial market conditions and advanced market penetration to optimize efficiency of service.
A number of products are under development. We are always joining hands with our clients and partners to create optimal smart electrification products and solutions. Feel free to contact us for further information.