“Founded on mutual trust and respect, LSC is pioneering in electrification solutions and takes charge in developing a sustainable future.”

Defining future mobility
through smart electrification technologies

At LSC, our aim is to serve as the pioneer for smart electric vehicles through the application of revolutionary technology to provide our clients with key smart electric mobility products and services:

The ElectriCore™ smart electric vehicle solution redefines four aspects of the future of electric mobility: power, control, sensing, and networking. By integrating software, hardware, and cloud-based solutions, ElectriCore™ renders higher efficiency and intelligence to vehicle applications.

Bound by our infinite passion to innovate smart electric mobility, LSC not only provides highly competitive products and services, but is also dedicated to creating the optimum user experience.


"ElectriCore™" is a collective term for LSC’s core technologies and services, covering four major aspects of smart light electric vehicles:

The four key tenets of the ElectriCore™ solution: Power and Control ensures performance excellence and vehicle safety; while Sensor and Networking realizes the analysis and management of big data to elevate the enterprises vision and business model.

LSC also provides clients with software/hardware integration and planning services, design consulting services, smart manufacturing, and quality management. We assist our clients in launching competitive products with a shorter timeframe, competitive cost, and favorable market positioning.

The Pioneer in Electrified Vehicle Solutions

With almost 20 years of experience in developing power systems for electric vehicle applications, the LSC team is well-equipped with abundant theoretical and practical knowledge. Our solutions have been broadly applied in electric vehicles while maintaining performance, stability, safety, mass production, and cost controllability of the products.

ElectriCore™ maximizes the performance of smart LEV applications by providing robust foundations for personal mobility, industrial automation, unmanned vehicles, and robotics.
The Pioneer in Electrified Vehicle Solutions

Power to Connectivity
Road to Cloud

According to industry forecasts, the global electric vehicle market is projected to reach US$567.2 billion by 2025, and the number of LEV will exceed the 100 million mark, which opens up endless business opportunities.

Based on our competitive advantages in the integration of power, control, sensor and networking, LSC has created a business ecology along with relevant suppliers to provide the products and services required for vehicle electrification. Whether it is for personal moblity, industrial automation, transportation or the IoV, LSC is dedicated towards the provisioning of services in these applications.